Criminal law

Cabinetul de Avocatură “Gabriel Grigoraş”

Criminal law

We lend assisstance to our clients in criminal law to ensure effective legal advice and court representation in all the branches and sub-branches of criminal law, such as:

  • theft, robbery, fraud, embezzlement or fraudulent management;
  • false in official documents or under private signature;
  • Corruption offences (taking /giving bribes, influence peddling, receiving undue benefits);
  • Computer crime;
  • drug trafficking/drug use;
  • Human trafficking or proxenetism;
  • Economic crimes: tax evasion, fraudulent bankruptcy, money laundering;
  • Manslaughter;
  • Bodily injury (serious negligence);
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Other offenses stipulated by criminal law.


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