Corporate law

Cabinetul de Avocatură “Gabriel Grigoraş”

Corporate law

We lend assistance to our clients in the field of corporate law to ensure effective legal advice and court representation in all the branches and sub-branches of company, such as:

Writing articles of incorporation, addenda, decisions of the General Meetings of the Association.

Representation in the Trade Register.

Establishment/changes/dissolutions/assignments of companies.

Authorization activities.

Certification documents (articles of incorporation, statements, contracts, etc).

Registration of changes: administrators, office, point of work, drafting contracts of assignment, increasing/reducing social captial, extension office, the company lifetime, mergers and the like.

Consultancy and legal assistance to the conclusion of commercial contracts.

Mediating disputes between partners or shareholders.

Signing trade transactions.

Prosecution of claims for debt collection.

Order of payment.

Payment ordinance.

Dissolution and liquidation of companies.


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