Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. In the case of foreign citizens, the first step in starting a business on the real estate market is that of founding a company.
  2. Afterwards, a real estate must be identified in order to develop an investment project.
  3. Conducting rigorous checks on legal situation of the property that is subject to the investment project.

The property must be checked both legally and from a technical standpoint.

From the legal point of view detailed verifications related to the history of ownership right of the real estate as well as detailed checks  about the current legal status of the respective property must be performed.

Our office materializes these checks as a legal opinion – “due diligence” in which, in addition to the history of ownership right it also identify and indicate other issues that may affect the status of the real estate. In case of legal issues, our law office makes suggestions for solving them legally.

From a technical standpoint, checks should be made on cadastral measurements, the possibility to build on the property, in case the business project requires all these data.

For this purpose, our Law Office recommends consulting a cadastrist expert, a topometrist engineer and an architect as well.

  1. In case that such checks lead to positive results the client may proceed and purchase the real estate which is the object of the business project.

For this purpose, our Law office collaborates with many notaries to facilitate the real estate purchasing procedure to our clients.

  1. In case that the investment project involves the construction of a building, it will proceed to obtain a building permit and, afterwards, the construction works may start.
  2. According to the destination of the building, our Law Office may ensure effective enforcement of the investment, by offering full legal assistance for contracts of lease, sale and purchase contracts, or any other contracts that can ensure recovery with maximum profit for the respective real estate investment.

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