Civil law

Cabinetul de Avocatură “Gabriel Grigoraş”

Civil law

We lend assistance to our clients in civil matters to ensure effective legal advice and court representation in all the branches and sub-branches of civil law, such as:

  • Legal advice.
  • Consultancy in enforcement proceedings.
  • Recovery of injury/damages, moral damages.
  • Notice of default.
  • Representation to Cadastre and Land Registration Offices.
  • Signing civil contracts/between trade companies.
  • Claims.
  • Absolute/relative nullity of legal acts.
  • Registration of pre-contracts of sale.
  • Prosecution of claims.
  • Clear property title.
  • Joint tenancy/partition.
  • Succession (inheritance).
  • Servitudes.
  • Usucapion.
  • Delimitation of property boundaries.
  • Appeals of forced execution and suspending enforcement.
  • Partition, succession/inheritance.
  • Recovery of claims against debtors (payment summons, ordinances payment, requests on common law).


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