Public Procurement

Cabinetul de Avocatură “Gabriel Grigoraş”

Public Procurement

We lend assistance to our clients in public procurement to ensure effective legal advice and court representation in all the branches and sub-branches of public procurement, such as:

  • The annual program of public procurement
  • The decision of appointing the evaluation committee
  • The decision of appointing judges
  • Privacy and impartiality Statement
  • Personnel Code of Conduct of the people carrying out activities in public procurement
  • Stages of public procurement procedures
  • Announcement of intent for the acquisition of goods/services/works
  • Invitation to open tender for purchase of goods/services/works
  • Restricted invitation to tender for the purchase of goods/services/works
  • Explanatory note on the choice of the tender
  • Explanatory note on the election of competitive dialogue
  • Explanatory note on the choice of negotiation without notice
  • Explanatory note on the choice of negotiation with notice
  • Supply contract
  • Service contract
  • Works contract
  • Works Framework Agreement
  • Framework agreement for the supply
  • List of documents in the public procurement file


  • Letter of bank guarantee for participation
  • Letter of bank guarantee of good execution of the contract
  • Letter of bank guarantee for the return of the advance

Means of appeal

  • Appeal
  • Second appeal agains CNSC decision
  • writ of summons for damages


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